Manufactured products

RoHol is already busy developing for renowned companies such as DANA (door manufacturing industry), HABA (children’s furniture) and Hali (office furniture), as well as for partners in the ski, vehicle, stage platforms or shipbuilding industries. We provide optimal solutions, regardless of whether the building materials are taken from the RoHol standard program or whether they are a specially tailor-made solution for our customers.


A wide variety of sectors within the manufacturing industry are already reaching out for RoHol products. Renowned companies such as DANA (door manufacturing industry), HABA (children's furniture) and Hali (office furniture) as well as various partners in the ski, vehicle, stage platforms and shipbuilding industries are readily receiving materials taken from both the RoHol standard program, and also materials developed especially as customer-inspired solutions.

The requests are extremely varied and so it is of great importance to us here at RoHol that we have an extensive range of aesthetic options available, as well as being able to offer solutions which boast optimized functionality, technical perfection and can be tailor-made according to individual needs and desires.


We also have many plywood options available; anything from birch plywood to specialist assortments like, for example, Pyropress B1/Q1. The identifiers B1 and Q1 mean that RoHol Pyropress products are both fire-retardant and produce a low amount of smoke. This is of particular importance for the protection of individuals in the event of fires in buildings and facilities highly-frequented by people. The use of RoHol Pyropress B1/Q1 reduces the risk of asphyxiation to a minimum. Pyropress plywood is available with either a sliced or a rotary-cut veneer. As far as wood types are concerned, generally we use beech throughout, birch throughout or a birch core with a beech surface layer. On request, Pyropress boards can also be produced in other varieties of wood.

Flexible plywood

RoHol Flexi ply/ FlexiPress is a highly flexible, 3-ply construction, special plywood. It is composed of layers of thin plies and so will quite readily bend into various 'curved' shapes, thus facilitating production and increasing application possibilities. The arc formed by the bend is perpendicular to the grain direction of the face.



The conductive answer

The operating principle of RoHol - ECONPRESS boards is based on a sandwich-construction of plywood boards. Layers of sliced or rotary-cut veneers or other electrical insulators are alternated with printed circuit boards (PCBs) made from non-ferrous metals. By applying an electrical voltage to the printed circuit board, it is possible, at any given point on the board, to position an electrical load which taps into the required voltage through drill-holes in the board surface.


For years, RoHol has been supplying top-quality door manufacturers with ROHOL Alupress moisture-resistant boards, which are used in the manufacture of doors with climate classification III (DIN and ÖNORM, issued by the Austrian Standards Institute). For interior doors with the climate classification I-III, hardboard/aluminum vapour barriers are used. For exterior doors (e.g. front doors), rotary-cut veneer/aluminium provides an optimal solution.