Located in Rosenau am Hengstpass, within a mountainous region of Upper Austria, RoHol has been successfully operating as a family-run business for almost 35 years.


A strong partnership with the surrounding forests (our main supplier) naturally rests on the active protection of the environment. RoHol continually endeavours to develop the most resource-conserving processing operations possible, and routinely works to optimize the environmental performance evaluation of the company.
Alongside the high-quality of our products, it is our innovative spirit that has contributed to our success in becoming the sole Austrian manufacturer within the international market and a leading producer of luxurious wood veneers, veneered boards and plywood.
Only the most beautiful tree trunks are processed into RoHol wood veneers and therefore, the veneer is also the finest and most elegant product that can be manufactured out of a raw natural material like wood.

You desire, we create

Our extensive range of products has much to offer; whether relating to design, aesthetics, construction or how they feel to the touch. If however, you are unable to find the product of your dreams in our standard range, then we will be more than happy to customize your ideal product for you in line with your specifications. In this fashion, many unique projects have already come into existence worldwide. Individuality in a nutshell!

Always cutting edge

RoHol is the specialist when it comes to the production and processing of wood veneers and currently, our range offers unrivalled variety. However, we are certainly not complacent about being the best at what we do! We continually explore new innovative ideas. We know that what is sought after today may be forgotten tomorrow and so we always aim to stay one step ahead of the latest trends.