Design that comes from the heart

From a technical point of view, this remarkable-looking veneer, is created by merely changing the cutting angle. From an optical point of view, a whole new world of design possibilities unfold. We offer a variety of over 100 high-grade timbers; all of which are available with an end-grain cut. There are even more possibilities when considering the potential layouts; whether using whole discs, partial segments or rectangles.


  • Format: 2.500 x 1.250 mm
  • Substrate: as requested
  • Board thickness: 4 - 38 mm
  • Wood species: Oak, Beech, Maple, Nut, Robinia, Larch, Ash, Plum, Cherry and many more...

Oak end-grain discs with Galaxy effect

Oak allows for a wide variety of finishing options. Depicted here is the end-grain variant; it has been further processed with the Galaxy-effect.


Oak end-grain joined in rectangles

Consistent yet lively; Oak end-grain, this variant depicting rectangles joined together.


Oak end-grain discs

Whether using a single disc or a veneered board consisting of many discs, the options are endless and always result in quite the extraordinary eye-catcher!


Larch end-grain

Also available as whole, loose, end-grain discs - as seen here in Larch wood.


Walnut end-grain joined in segments.

American walnut captivates with its dark and charming appearance. The end-grain variant offers a particularly appealing solution; pictured here showing segments joined together.