Attractive slate surfaces with real natural stone

The use of genuine natural materials is currently in trend and there are endless possibilities for featuring, not just wood, but also natural stone in various interiors, especially in saunas and
spas. As such Mountain Line presents to you a strikingly beautiful range of slate surfaces that have been tried and
tested in the extreme conditions found in saunas, spas and infrared cabins.


  • All information tested and conferred for Saunaply
  • Format: 2420 x 1200 mm / thickness: 17 mm (+2/-1mm)
  • Coating weight per unit area: ca. 8,5 kg/m²
  • Currently 4 options in stock - CLIFF, ROCK, STONE and GLACIER
  • Material: 16 mm Saunaply panels and genuine stone
  • Further options available on request


CLIFF is the elegant option within the Mountain Line range. The tones are homogeneous with a hint of shimmer, which has led to it becoming a favourite for prominent areas such as foyers and receptions.



GLACIER’s sporadic colour gradation brings a splash of life to interiors. Raw and natural variations lend GLACIER its great character and charm.



STONE speaks for itself with its characteristic stone surface. The presence of steady red-brown tones presents wonderful opportunities for combination.



As hard as rock to the touch, and visually impossible to determinate as anything other, ROCK is the perfect material for areas worthy of attention. The homogenous grey appearance lends perfectly to combination with brighter and more colourful patterns.