Hotel 25hours

A fun-filled dream world

25hours Hotels in a young and dynamic hotel brand which is essentially based on traditional hospitality, but strives in its own individual direction. There are currently 7 hotels, spread over Germany, Austria and Switzerland and each presents its own concept after taking account of the specific city’s culture and regional particularities.

The 25hours Hotel in Vienna is conveniently central; it is found near the Museum Quarter and it explores the world of the circus - with all its dreams and sensations. The hotel is surreal, surprising and sexy and it blurs the boundaries between fantasy, reality, space and time. No easy task as far as the interior design is concerned, but the designer found what he wanted at RoHoL - namely, unique and individual solutions for the 30 suites, using high-grade veneers with the 'Crack' surface.

Architect: Florian Kollenz - Development Manager
Proprietor: 25hours Hotel Company
Products used: Spruce Crack, customized colouring