DANA Door Manufacturer

Standardized products with individual style

DANA door industry is not just located physically near to us on the map, it is also close to us in spirit, especially concerning insights into, and appreciation of, top-quality products. Just like at RoHol, DANA places great value on high-quality, sustainability and innovation. The ability of both RoHoL and DANA to recognize the latest trends and to maintain cutting-edge development of design-oriented products has contributed to an optimal business relationship that goes way back.

“Above all, what connects us, is our mutual appreciation of using sustainable wood in manufacturing. Working together with RoHol has enabled us to put top-quality veneers on our doors and frames and thus a fusion of our crafts can appear in your living space. Despite innovative designs, each individual, unique product manages to maintain its down-to-earth wood character.”- Director of Sales, Trading and DIY, Ing. Markus Gutschlhofer