Relaxation, health and well-being in peaceful natural surroundings; it's no wonder that the Spa and Wellness trend has really taken off! Whether at a thermal bath resort, on a cruise ship or in your own private domain, saunas and heat cabins are design objects that fit harmoniously into each environment.

Creativity knows no boundaries when it comes to both interior and exterior design. It is the combination of different materials, in particular those taken from the extensive range of high-quality timbers available, that ultimately lead to really breath-taking architectural effects.

Sit back, relax, enjoy.

The combination of different materials, especially those taken from the exceptional variety of high-grade timbers, enable unbelievable architectural effects to be achieved. RoHol's SaunaPly and SPress sauna walls make this possible in more than 100 decorative high-grade timbers.

Gone are the days in which saunas and heat cabins were to be found hidden away in cellars, made up out of old-fashioned spruce planks.

Original RoHol SaunaPly and SPress sauna walls have opened up new exciting dimensions in sauna construction.