Absolutely free from pollutants!

Not only are our products sustainable, they are also free from poisonous pollutants such as Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde emissions are controlled and tested by an independent Austrian Institute who have shown RoHol’s SaunaPly to fall over 50% below the Formaldehyde threshold with results that are so low they are almost immeasurable!


Made in Austria!

All RoHol products are 100% produced in Austria - right down to the unique finishing touches, which are also performed at our factory here in Rosenau.


Customised and tailor-made design.

With a selection of over 100 different wood species to chose from, and more than 20 different surface, structure and grading options, it really is possible at RoHol to find solutions for many exceptional and unique projects; whether classical and elegant, modern and stylish or simply feel good and fun!


Because people still do it better!

Automatisation: yes, when it makes sense! Manuel: yes, when it's needed. With this in mind, all our products get to experience hands-on processing. Indeed, every step in the production, whether manual or mechanical, is followed by a personal control made by hand. Committed to quality!


We support legal logging!

Strict EU trade regulations for wood (Nr. 995/2010) apply to all the timber requirements for RoHol products. These rules are in place to prevent illegal logging and felling and to ensure that market participants comply with the guidelines and act responsibly.