RoHol stands for tradition. It is a family-run business found in the heart of the Limestone Alps National Park. Located in Rosenau am Hengstpass, within a mountainous region of Upper Austria, RoHol has been successfully operating as a family-run business for almost 35 years.


Founding of the Company

On 1.9.1981, the Stöckl Family took over the Danubius Company and RoHol was founded.


Brand new veneer splicing unit

Traditional veneers made from Beech or Spruce are standard products on the market; reproducible by anyone. However, with the construction of the new veneer splicing unit, a cornerstone for RoHol innovation was laid; now special features and individual characteristics could set RoHol products apart.


Environmental certification

The Austrian Eco-label guarantees you an environmentally-friendly product and services. RoHol was awarded this label back in 2001; a testament to the environmentally-friendly sourcing, manufacturing and processing of our high-quality products.


Entry into the world of saunas and spas - SaunaPly and SPress

The SaunaPly and SPress have been specially developed by RoHol and are immediately recognizable as being of a typically RoHol high-standard. What distinguishes them further is the use of special manufacturing processes which result in substantially lower emission levels than the ones prescribed for operating saunas and spas – a truly optimal investment!


3-D veneer

Rough and Wave, a 3-D veneer, was awarded ‘Trend of the Year’ by the German Design Council.


Galaxy - The Wood that Shines

Launch of Galaxy – the wood that shines. The German Design Council declare Galaxy as winner of the Iconic Award.