RoHol - The Austrian Wood Composer



RoHol stands for high quality

From the heart of the national park to the homes of our customers. RoHol stands for top quality, individuality, customization and appealing designs. Made in Austria.

Unsurpassed: the human senses.

As an infinitely variable natural product, wood as a material requires constant quality controls in every processing step. These cannot be done by machine, but it is much rather the experience of the human senses that guarantees an end product typical of the high quality expected of RoHol.

Purchasing wood with a pedigree

Quality awareness and the love for nature require wood with a pedigree. In other words, we know exactly where our wood comes from! We respect the destiny of each tree trunk and let it become what it is most talented for. But before that, as with any talent, it takes a lot of time to mature: depending on the type of wood, we specifically prepare the logs in our steam pits for the machining process that follows.

From trunk to veneer

The subsequent debarking and slicing with subsequent drying produce sliced veneers, which go in different directions depending on the final product. In particular, the first visual sorting is a job for experienced professionals, on whose expertise the quality of the final product depends!

From veneer to perfection

Joining the individual strips into a continuous veneer pattern also requires a trained eye and a lot of experience: the result is a visually harmonious product hand-picked and produced with modern machine technology, which is then checked again and perfected accordingly if required.

High-precision finishing

In addition to face veneers, RoHol also produces fine veneer boards and plywood: these are manufactured on modern machines, after which it goes through final checking before being stored in quality-assured conditions.